Official Launch of the Adistec Rewards 2018 Program (Adistec Challenge + GoDigital)

During the first few days of April, we will be launching the new version of the point based reward program from Adistec, which turns your sales into prizes!

Adistec Challenges is back, now integrating GoDigital, within a same program called Adistec Rewards.
The program will run similarly to previous versions: partners will be able to add all their sales orders and exchange them for any of the amazing prizes we made available. The exchange can take part at the end of each Quarter, or all together at the end of the year.

This year’s big change, is that the program will be 100% integrated to GoDigital by Adistec, a program for select partners, to who we award 300 free credits per trimester, to be exchanged for Digital Marketing or Design services. This means that the partners will be able to accumulate their Adistec Challenge and GoDigital points in order to exchange them for a vast array of prizes, in other words, we are offering the best of both worlds

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